João Alexandre Medina Corte-Real (Orcid: 0000-0001-9624-4920)
Graduated in Geophysical Sciences from the Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon in 1963; did the meteorologist ‘s stage to National Weather Service in 1964; collaborated on the Unit Mathematical Forecasting Weather National Weather Service (1970-1979); was deputy director of the National Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics (1988-1990).  Was Professor for 38 years at FCUL, which formed in 1991, the Group of Meteorology / Climatology, Department of Physics and Institute of Applied Science and Technology ( ICAT ). Professor at U. Évora until 2008. In 2007 creates the sub – group ASC_ICAAM – “Water, Soil and Climate” at the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Mediterranean, and its coordinator until April/2012 . Since November 2013, joins the Group ‘s WSM_CCICAAM ( Soil and Water Management and Climate Change); participated in more than two dozen projects (national, European and African ) and has published over a hundred scientific articles . Among other organizations, is a member of the World Programme of Research on Climate (WCRP) of the World Meteorological Organization ( WMO), Geneva .
At present, its main area of research focuses on climate variability and its impacts on regional modeling scenarios, the physics of clouds and precipitation in atmosphere dynamics in hydroclimatology and ecohydrology.

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