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  • Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias
    Campo Grande, 376, 1749-024 Lisboa Portugal
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Unit Description

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Development and Research on Environment, Applied Management and Space (DREAMS), brings together researchers from the Department of Aeronautics and Transports and the Faculties of Engineering from both the Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias (ULHT) and Universidade Lusófona do Porto (ULP) under the same management institution (COFAC).

One of the missions of academic institutions is to anticipate new societal needs and to project research results on the educational offer.

Education, Research and Innovation are the three pillars of Knowledge ensuring that we are working together for a living and prepared society for the present projecting the future continuously.

This means that Education is necessary to identify new problems to be explained; Research will nurture Education by means of updating theories, concepts and methods; Innovation will be the output of the excellence in Research.

DREAMS is a R&D unit, composed of 16 integrated members and 15 collaborators, with a proven scientific record of productivity and contribution to the National Scientific and Technological System (NSTS).

The DREAMS vision in grounded on the recognition that natural systems are being profoundly disturbed by human action, sometimes in a dangerous way, and that a comprehensive engineering and management approach encompassing the interactive human, technological and natural systems, across a wide range of scales, in time and space, is an urgent need.

Therefore, an interdisciplinary research approach exploring the reciprocal influences of technology, environment, social organization and human action towards a sustainable, efficient and safe development represents the main target of DREAMS.

This focus suggests an integrated and problem-oriented approach, aiming at establishing a strong connection between theory and practice with the following aims:

  1. to promote innovation by means of Knowledge building as a contribution for technological, economic, social and environmental development
  2. to create a dynamics of knowledge transfer with the society, governmental organizations and production systems
  3. to improve students’ education with updated knowledge, involving them in research and providing contexts for knowledge application under academic supervision on the performance of their curricular projects.

The DREAMS mission is defined by the research production, integrating the management and engineering of processes describing the complex coupling of human, technological and natural systems.

More specifically, DREAMS focuses on environmental sciences, namely those of the atmospheric environment, influenced by the exchanges with the oceans and space, and those in which humans live and transports operate, demanding technological, managerial and safety interventions, so that sustainability can be warranted.

Dreams is a research unit developing an interdisciplinary research through the production of research integrating different aspects of a common and shared reality, from the standpoint of human activity, behavioral adaptation to new systems and realities, and environmental sustainability, in a changing world.

To accomplish its mission, DREAMS activities will be distributed among four scientific areas:

  1. Climate Variability, Environment and Energy
  2. Transport Systems, Technology and Human Factors
  3. Economy and Applied Management to Airports and Airlines
  4. Experimental Support to Education and Research in Aeronautics and Space Sciences.
Aiming at fostering, nurturing and consolidating the DREAMS research activity, some internal and external collaborations with National and International research organisations, were set up being expressed in:
  1. the membership of a Virtual Centre of Excellence (HUMANIST)
  2. the participation in joint research projects
  3. the regular participation in International research organisation promoting knowledge and experience exchanges


João Alexandre Medina Corte-Real

Scientific areas

  • Exact and Natural Sciences
  • Earth and environmental sciences Engineering and Technology Sciences
  • Environmental biotechnology Engineering and Technology Sciences
  • Environmental engineering
  • Engineering and Technology Sciences
  • Other engineering and technology sciences